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darkness consumes

it pulls me down
influenced by existence
canalised by my past
this darkness consumes
my present, everyday
i breathe, it breathes
with me
i awe at its depth
awaken to a different beat

sometimes, i let her 
take me
for hours i grief in
this despair
a place that is secondary
it is from this nature
i emerge

nk. 17/6/17

my silence a solace i trust

hostal mind sustained in an amber of distrust
how will i train this dis-ease to melt down to dust
of a cremation that should of happenend long long ago
your trouble is that you cant let go of
feeling alone
we all are born into patterns of our death
choosing melancholy love
this love i call my-self
draped in folds of emotion
dripping down into my soul
i carry this depth with caution
of my life

this mind is enveloped in secrets i hold in
making my silence a solace i trust

nk. 26/12/2007